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MSGI Exhibits At Greenrush Financial Conference

There was a medical marijuana conference held in downtown Toronto yesterday and the team from MSGI was front and center. The day was spent discussing various security needs with licensed producers, and the challenges they will face. When it comes to the security integration that Health Canada is requiring there are numerous factors that will be needed to be fulfilled. Having worked on previous design, builds in the medical marijuana industry MSGI believes that they will spearhead the influx of applicants by demonstrating their skills in the security industry.

Good Things Come in Threes

Paladin Security is pleased to announce that it has completed mergers with both Marcomm Systems Group Inc. (MSGI) and CONTAVA Inc. as of February 1st, 2017. Read more


Over the last 6 years, Marcomm Systems Group has won upwards of 30 million dollars worth of contracts from Public Works and Correctional Service Canada. We continue to strive forward with excellence, and offer the best service possible...
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About Us

Marcomm Systems Group has built its business by realizing, understanding, and implementing the philosophy that without our customers we don’t exist. We would not be the leading company for custom creating, installing and integrating extremely intricate high technology security systems, if it were not for our customers challenging us to find them truly unique solutions. There is a reason we are an industry leader in our field. We care about our customers, we are passionate about our business, and we thrive on finding solutions for each new challenge.