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We received a call a few months ago from a large scale development company based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. They had a request for a CCTV system to secure a storage location for heavy equipment and modular homes. There was only one problem, the site had no access to power or internet. We assured them that this was not a problem and we had a solution for them. We decided to enlist the help from one of the countries leaders in solar power solutions ALPHA TECHNOLOGIES. We worked closely with them on the design aspect of what was needed to power two high megapixel cameras and a wireless 4g router to bring internet service to a remote location. MSGI then approached Deveraux Developments the builder out of Regina. We proposed a solution that would consist of a nine panel solar array to harness the sun's energy to power the CCTV solution. The next key element in design would be how were they going to view and record the footage from the site. As always we turned to our partner in video management software and the global leader in this field GENETEC. With the help of their cloud based storage solution STRATOCAST we would be able to use the internet connection provided by the 4g router to stream and record video to the cloud. MSGI is first and foremost a solution based company, with the help of our suppliers and partners we will always try our best to make sure that the client's needs are always met and be able to manage expectations. In this case we were able to fulfill all of Deveraux's needs and their expectations were well exceeded. We are now scheduled to design and build yet another solar array for their next big project which will consist of a 10 acre condo project in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Again we will turn to our partners GENETEC, ALPHA & AXIS COMMUNICATIONS to successfully complete this next project.

Good Things Come in Threes

Paladin Security is pleased to announce that it has completed mergers with both Marcomm Systems Group Inc. (MSGI) and CONTAVA Inc. as of February 1st, 2017. Read more


Over the last 6 years, Marcomm Systems Group has won upwards of 30 million dollars worth of contracts from Public Works and Correctional Service Canada. We continue to strive forward with excellence, and offer the best service possible...
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About Us

Marcomm Systems Group has built its business by realizing, understanding, and implementing the philosophy that without our customers we don’t exist. We would not be the leading company for custom creating, installing and integrating extremely intricate high technology security systems, if it were not for our customers challenging us to find them truly unique solutions. There is a reason we are an industry leader in our field. We care about our customers, we are passionate about our business, and we thrive on finding solutions for each new challenge.