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Convergence is the term used for making the transition from analog to network, or IP based video surveillance. By using a video encoder that digitizes analog video signals, you can essentially turn an analog video system into a network video system.

Since approximately 85% of video surveillance is still analog, we feel it important to identify the benefits for making the transition from analog to digital. Some benefits include - improved image quality, remote accessibility and seamless distribution via computer networks for any alarm notifications, digital storage, email notifications, and better integration. Network video systems will enable users to view live video images via web browsers, or on a local or remote computer if combined with video management software.

Your new IP based surveillance system will give you remote accessibility anywhere there is a networked computer, enabling you to monitor and secure your facility without having to actually be situated at that facility. By combining your analog CCTV system with a network video system, you are cost effectively expanding your surveillance system while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

If you’re considering convergence, please contact us to discuss a solution that best suits your needs.