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Design Build - P3

Public Private Partnerships (P3), also known as Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) projects, are growing in popularity as a financially feasible method for large capital construction projects. They are structured such that the private sector assumes the majority of the responsibility in terms of financing and associated risk for ensuring the delivery and overall performance of the infrastructure, from design through to long term maintenance.

Over the past few years MSGI has had the privilege to work on a number of projects with contractors who are experienced in the area of P3 construction. Collaboration through these projects is paramount, and has expanded our knowledge and understanding of what is required to ensure a seamless workflow from design through commissioning.

If you’re involved in P3 projects in Canada ranging from Build Finance (BF), Design Build Finance (DBF), and longer term Design Build Finance and Maintain (DBFM) projects, your main focus is completing your project on time and on budget! For these reasons, you need to ensure you partner with reliable sub-contractors, including your security integration partner. Our past experience in the market of P3 projects includes corrections, courthouses, and most recently the new Forensic Services & Coroner’s Complex.

If you’re looking to partner with a true security integration leader who can design a solution that will be user friendly, cost effective, relevant and current, as well as highly functional when your project closes, look no further than MSGI. We will give you peace of mind and confidence so you can focus on your area of expertise.