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MSGI considers project management to be one of the most valuable services we can provide to customers.  We maintain the philosophy that project management includes the overall management of the total construction project with special emphasis on:

  • Control of costs,
  • Control of schedules,
  • Quality control,
  • Safe working conditions and methods.

In-house knowledge is blended with commercially available systems to provide professional and proven performance measurement and control techniques.
MSGI can address the following requirements:

  • Short and long range planning and design for new services including location and selection of support structures.
  • The preparation and production of detailed drawings illustrating equipment type and location; cable type, size and location; and structure type and location. These drawings contain all information necessary for both estimating and construction and can be produced in CAD form.
  • The preparation of all system component specifications necessary for the requisitioning and/or purchase of such materials, including the preparation of tender documents.
  • The preparation and maintenance of plant and equipment records including circuit assignment.
  • The provision of detailed factory and site acceptance test procedures as an integral part of the design package.

MSGI represents and is associated with some of the most highly recognized and respected suppliers of electronics technology in the industry. This has afforded us the ability to keep pace with current market developments. These associations do not limit MSGI from sourcing materials through other vendors as we are not committed to distribute or market any particular product line. MSGI is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible solution and we have the knowledge necessary to identify which products and vendors will allow us to exceed "quality requirements" in the most cost-effective manner. This experience ensures the customer the following advantages:

  • Materials are selected that best meet the requirements of the client
  • Immediate access to the most current technology
  • The ability to integrate multi-vendor solutions
  • The integrity of existing technology can be maintained

MSGI has a highly skilled labour force with many combined years of experience in the industry. Our key employees provide customers with experienced responses to requirements in virtually every video, voice, security and data environment on the market. MSGI is dedicated to ensuring that personnel are afforded the opportunity to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge gaining certification in major vendor applications. This goal allows us to respond to customer requirements with the most recent of technical expertise and provides the ability to complete all industry requirements in an efficient and economic manner.

MSGI has made significant investments in a wide range of specialized splicing and testing equipment for CPU based equipment in both the copper and fibre disciplines.

DYNATROL software (dynamic annunciation and control) is one of the most comprehensive systems integration software available on the market. Its flexibility of configuration and interaction to annunciate and control all serial data or DLL capable systems is unparalleled. It features full cascading hot redundant workstations ( standard feature ), touch screen control, on-screen video display pop-up windows, 65,000 maps, 255 workstations, 255 integrated sub-systems, encrypted LAN communications, custom script routines, custom icons, detailed report generation, constant communications supervision for all devices, extensive sequence commands, DXF import of maps ( complete with all layers ), map editing, and custom menu bar creation. DYNATROL operates in a Windows operating platform. DYNATROL was developed 100% in-house by Marcomm Systems Group Inc.

Analog / IP CCTV Systems
Whether the need for a closed circuit television system is small or large, MSGI has a wealth of experience with installing the systems. We specialize in IP CCTV systems and along with them, offer network recording solutions to ensure that not a moment of video is missed.

Door Control Systems
We provide the design and implementation of door control systems on both small and large scales. With customizable parameters, each system is created as per our clients’ specific needs. This system can be operated with a touch-screen computer and fully customized maps of the facility in which it has been installed.
Access Control Systems
We have a vast knowledge base and implementation history involving access control systems. Whether the need is to protect and limit access, or ensure a secure site, Marcomm Systems Group can provide a system that suits your needs. We have installed card readers, iris scanners and other access control devices with expertise and flawless execution.

Biometric Security Systems
We have installed some of the newest biometric security technology that is available today. Our specialized systems installation and integration includes iris scanners, fingerprint scanners, and vascular scanners. Biometrics offers clients an added level of security, by relying on the unique characteristics of the human body to provide or deny access to a facility.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems
Coupled with our Access Control Systems, we also provide Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems. These systems are designed for sites and clients that require the utmost care with regards to monitoring solutions. By combining our CCTV systems with a motion detection system, and using video analytics, we can provide 360 coverage and video archiving for your site.

Public Address / Intercom Systems
MSGI can provide a vast array of public address systems and variants, covering both small and large scale projects. We specialize in Inmate Cell Call Systems (ICCS) for sites that require higher security and Nurse Call Systems for hospitals and facilities that require an active two-way voice call system.
Guard Tour Systems
Also known as Watch-Tour Systems, we are able to provide solutions that ensure each corridor of a facility is examined on a regular schedule. We can create a solution that follows a custom route through a facility, in order to help employees with their jobs.
Personal and Mass Duress Systems
Coupled with our other systems, specifically public address and CCTV systems, we can create personal and mass duress systems that encompass both small and large scales. By providing multi-system support, one duress button push can provide both an audio and video link (where applicable) to a central control station.
Custom Integration / Software Solutions
MSGI specializes in integrating security systems. By combining software with hardware we can create a holistic security system controlled by the simplest of means. For installations required on both small and large scales, we are able to provide custom solutions that encompass as many or as few of our specialized systems as the client requires.
Edge Device Applications
MSGI is on the cutting edge of new technologies, which is why we have adapted our systems to be controlled and viewed on edge devices through applications on the most popular handheld device models. From iPhone to Android, we ensure that monitoring control is achieved. The portability of these devices means that our systems to be monitored from across the globe. Recent advances have allowed for entire security systems to be controlled by a handheld tablet