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MSGI specializes in integrating security systems. By combining software with hardware we can create a holistic security system controlled by the simplest of means. We strive to create practical and user friendly solutions that satisfy all facets of the task at hand.

The absolute best way to achieve your desired security requirements for specific applications is to have an integrated security solution. At Marcomm, we have an experienced and knowledgeable team to ensure all facets of your security solution are functioning above expected operational levels. Our solutions are carefully engineered, ensuring seamless communication of all components.

To create a user friendly and expertly functioning integrated system, we first must clearly understand and define our customers’ needs and requirements. Our team have become experts at fleshing out our customers’ goals, and applying the necessary pieces to ensure the highest degree of functionality.
Contact us for a security evaluation. We can design and create a completely customized security solution, or simply integrate a system with existing devices.