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Since 2001, Airport Authorities have been turning to Security Integrators to provide the most advanced security systems to help detect and identify security threats to assure passenger and employee safety. As an innovative security integration company, MSGI specializes in sophisticated electronic based custom security solutions. We can design and deploy completely new systems, facilitate upgrades, or simply strengthen and improve existing systems.

MSGI provides client-specific customized solutions for CCTV, Access Control, and all areas of perimeter and building protection

Surveillance technology
MSGI is aligned with the most seasoned partners in the world of airport security. We can provide the highest level of performance, reliability, and ease-of-use for your HD surveillance requirements. Navigation, management, and ease of delivery of visual evidence are all critical components in facilitating an investigation. Providing clear and accurate evidence will go a long way in assisting law enforcement.

Our technical team work closely with our clients ensuring specific and critical needs are met. We then work closely with our partners to determine the best solution for your requirements.  As a true systems integrator, we partner with the most talented companies to provide a complete turn-key solution.

As a highly experienced security systems integrator, MSGI brings years of custom innovation, flexibility and creative thinking to the design, deployment and maintenance of every new project