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Correctional Facilities

Correctional Service Canada

Over the past 22 years, MSGI has completed, or is currently in the process of completing over fifty five projects with Correctional Service Canada. These electronic integrated security systems projects include, but aren't limited to: IP Close Circuit Television Systems (CCTV), Door Control Systems (DCS), Inmate Cell Call Systems (ICCS), Public Address Systems (PA) / Intercom and Guard Tour Systems (GTS).

During this time, MSGI has acquired experience with over two hundred integrated security systems deployed in all Correctional Service Canada locations. These systems include; several Network CCTV, Door Control, Cell Call / Guard Tour, and PA / Intercom installations, as well as custom integration. Our extensive experience has helped us achieve an understanding of how facilities operate. This knowledge and understanding has helped Marcomm Systems Group land successful and rewarding projects in an extremely competitive environment.

MSGI has extensive experience with the S100 PIDS / FAAS system. This experience has been gained through the FAAS integration required as part of a number of projects completed for Correctional Service Canada over the last 22 years. MSGI is fully versed in the required Starcom Protocol, and transfers alarms for numerous systems using this protocol. As demonstrated on several projects, MSGI possesses the knowledge to modify the S100 database to accommodate any new integrated alarms.

MSGI has extensive experience in providing on-site training (operator and maintenance) and preparing project documentation. This has been demonstrated repeatedly through the submittal of documentation and training for over one hundred and fifty projects completed for Correctional Service Canada alone.


Best Practices – Installation and Maintenance
Marcomm Systems Group has extensive experience working in operational environments which are unique for their diversity of locations, climate exposures and the physically restrictive construction techniques of penal institutions.

Maintaining site and national security, the safety of staff and offenders alike is MSGI’s commitment to the government and public. Electronic security systems operating in this unique environment will be installed to maintain very high standards of dependability and reliability.

Working in this type of environment requires that installation and maintenance best practices be strictly adhered to at all times. The following best practices are implemented on all Marcomm Systems Group’s job sites.

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