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Many Colleges and Universities can exceed a population of 20,000 students, staff, faculty and visitors at any one time. How are you protecting students, staff and visitors at your institution? The incidents of crime on a campus include:
•    Theft of computer equipment
•    Theft from and of vehicles
•    Sexual assault
•    Verbal harassment
•    Vandalism to school and personal property

Criminals continue to engage in these illegal activities because so many of these incidents go unreported each year. As a matter of fact, according to the National Education Association, every hour of every school day, 900 teachers are threatened and more than 2,000 students and nearly 40 teachers are physically attacked on school grounds. It is estimated that vandalism costs schools more than $1 billion a year. What is being done to curb these actions? Not enough!

There is enormous pressure on school security directors to improve campus safety. The number one priority should be the safety of student and staff. With the ongoing problems associated with the sale of drugs, weapons, violence, and sexual assault, security has become paramount.
Several factors are considered when choosing an educational institution, and a safe environment tops that list. A poor reputation regarding crime and safety can be extremely detrimental to the reputation of a school. MSGI can provide a security assessment to outline areas of potential weakness, and then create a solution customized to meet the individual needs of the institution.

By implementing security access control, you control who can access buildings, areas visited, and time of entrance. Electronic access control systems would be used to secure entry restricted to administration, or faculty and staff. Security systems could be set to prohibit unidentified persons from accessing select areas.  

CCTV digital video security cameras provide surveillance of remote areas which will deter vandalism, theft, and assaults. By installing video cameras in targeted areas such as; parking lots, hallways, school and dorm entrances, you will gather records of who entered that area and when. Since school security requires 24/7 surveillance, CCTV is an ideal solution.

Authorized security administrators can check on the campus from remote locations. CCTV digital video security cameras play an integral role in assisting in protecting a campus. By preventing unidentified people from entering a campus, you will cut down significantly on crime while creating a safer learning and living environment.

As a systems integrator, MSGI has the flexibility to work with existing systems, as well as create complete customized solutions. How do we do this? We have facilities systems integration software that allows us to build the most advanced, flexible and functional system without being tied to one supplier or manufacturer. This flexibility ensures you get the best solution for your security budget.

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