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Hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, and long-term Care facilities are re-evaluating how they monitor higher-risk patients on medical wards, especially those with cognitive impairment. The number one focus of any care facility is to provide an environment that’s caring and secure. As the rate of incidents from “at-risk” patients increase, Medical Centres are starting to look at solutions to improve patient safety. MSGI has its pulse on this growing need, and can recommend solutions that will improve safety while cutting costs. Other medical based facilities that have benefited from an IP solution include; Psychiatric hospitals, research laboratories, pharmacies and medical schools.

By designing and implementing monitoring stations that oversee strategically placed HD cameras throughout a facility, technicians can observe large numbers of patients simultaneously. This can drastically reduce the number of staff required for one-on-one bedside observation.

Considering the valued equipment, accessibility to drugs, and many entrances, securing a health institution is of critical importance. A properly designed security system solution will provide protection against the abduction of infants from maternity wards, threats against patients or staff, and reduce or eliminate potential lawsuits from unforeseen episodes. Most care facilities are extremely complex buildings demanding the strongest security solution.

MSGI can design and install an integrated security system to meet an institutions needs while protecting against potential threats. In an integrated system, several available products and solutions such as; alarms, hospital access control, and CCTV security systems are used to create a customized security strategy.

MSGI has the expertise to identify any threats and vulnerabilities in healthcare infrastructures. We will develop the appropriate security solution ensuring the protection of all staff and patients, the property and the integrity of the facility.
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