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Oil & Gas / Mining

MSGI always has its pulse on the growing vertical markets, and the Oil & Gas and Mining industries top the list. When we consider that Oil & Gas is headed toward a trillion dollar industry, it makes economical and logical sense to ensure this important asset is well protected. For this reason, it is critically important to work with an integrator whose team is diverse and knowledgeable, and corporate structure is flexible enough to adapt to the ever changing environments.

The Oil & Gas industry is moving toward open architecture security system platforms, and away from proprietary systems. MSGI specializes in the open architecture approach enabling data to be integrated from multiple systems into one enterprise solution. This convergence of physical and logical security, and the integration of these systems using open architecture allow devices purchased from a myriad of vendors to communicate with each other over an existing infrastructure.

There are three main factors involved in specifying an effective security system. Scalability - ability to add and remove devices as required. Manageability - ability to manage and control systems from remote locations. And Availability - reliable with minimal to zero downtime. This approach allows for the implementation of technological upgrades throughout the desired life cycle.

Open architecture networks ensure that installation and operation costs are minimized. It also allows for the distribution and sharing of information across various formats. The ability to share operational information anytime from anywhere allows for faster and more informed decision making.

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