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Power Plants

Due to the increased threats from terrorists in recent years, governments have had to seriously increase electronic security where the impact on people's lives could be catastrophic. Major power plants, water treatment facilities, and oil and gas refineries fall into this category.

There are many facilities that require a secure environment, and power plants top that list. Nuclear plant security is designed and implemented with the understanding that the number one priority is to protect the public from the possibility of exposure to radioactive releases caused by acts of sabotage, terrorism, or natural disasters. Intelligence information is shared from around the world, and analyzed to ensure that protection regulations are updated to combat any such potential threats.

Accordingly, governments will only chose security systems with the highest level of sophistication meeting government standards. To put some perspective on it, Power Plants are integral in powering the growth of a nation. A countries industrial growth, development and prosperity are inherently linked to a nation’s capacity to generate uninterrupted power. The nature, and subsequently the geography of power plants combined with external threats, makes a power plant an extremely high security threat facility.

MSGI has experience in securing high threat facilities, and would like to discuss a strategic plan for your next project.