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Medical Marijuana Production Facilities

Marcomm Systems Group Inc. is fully qualified to secure Medical Marijuana Production Facilities in Canada

Having worked in the medical marijuana field over the last 2 years MSGI was contacted by the CNMMA to join their advisory board. We work alongside applicant licensed producers and already licensed producer’s to ensure proper security measures are taken at all levels medical marijuana production process. We will also be offering our services to any company seeking to partner with a trusted integrator when it comes to securing these facilities.

With the new regulations that were released in April of this year Health Canada has implemented numerous security provisions. Having extensive knowledge with what it will take to integrate these regulations. We saw a huge market for our services when it comes to medical marijuana. We have been working with more than 10 applicants over the last year and have already begun numerous installations. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure they have everything they need when it comes time for their application to be submitted. In depth technical proposal, site plans with plotted security components are just a few of the services that we provide our clients after partnering with them. If you are looking to submit an application under the MMPR division of Health Canada, reach out to us for a trusted partner in your endeavor.

For more information on Medical Marijuana Production Facilities security solutions, please contact us directly.