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April 2013 - Barrie Courthouse

MSGI to deploy - a unified CCTV and Access Control system, a fully redundant SAN (storage array network), and exterior swing gates. MSGI will build a GUI for the judicial Duress Alarm Display using DYNATROL, integrate the intercom into the GUI, and provide Duress Stanchion Towers in parking areas.

March 2013 - Cowansville New Living Unit

MSGI to supply services to accommodate the expansion of existing network CCTV infrastructure, deployment of cameras, integration with existing network CCTV system, integration to site facility alarm and annunciation software, and the deployment of a fully IP Public Address system.

February 2013 - Nova Institution for Women

MSGI to provide installation and integration of existing network CCTV system, Video Storage Addition, IR Illumination, and integration into the Senstar GUI.

December 2012 Millhaven Institution upgrades

Marcomm Systems Group was contracted for the upgrade of the existing CCTV system to a fully IP based CCTV system at Millhaven Institution. The primary purpose of the internal CCTV SYSTEM is to provide video surveillance throughout the institution to allow the guards and other staff to watch a larger area from multiple control posts.

MSGI awarded contract for the Forensic Services and Coroner Complex.

We are proud to announce that MSGI has been awarded the contract to design and install the very sophisticated integrated security system at the brand new Forensic Services and Coroner's Complex building, located in Toronto.

May 30th, 2012 MSGI Certified as a Genetec Elite Partner

MSGI is proud to announce that they have been certified as a Genetec Elite Partner, and are recommended by Genetec for the installation, support and service of the Security Centre Synergis Access Control Solution.

MSGI has worked with Genetec over the past 8 years and comply with all of Genetec's manufacturer certifications to the highest standard.


May 10, 2012 - Private Sector Contract Awarded to Marcomm Systems Group Inc

We are proud to announce that MSGI has been awarded the contract to design and install the following systems at the brand new Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse. The systems include: IP-based Card Access system, Photo-ID system, IP-based Intercom and Paging system, IP-based Closed Circuit Video system complete with SAN storage, Jury Intercom system, Land-Range RF Vehicle Garage Access system, Duress system, Perimeter Detection system, and a Discrete Audio Sensing Life-Safety system.


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