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Parking lot security

Parking lot security is big business, but it could be bigger. Parking lot owners lose millions of dollars annually from delinquent patrons. Over the past several years, payment for parking has gravitated toward the "honor pay" or "pay-for-park" structure. Generally, no person monitors whether or not the patron purchases a ticket. Although there are warnings the car could be towed, many get away without paying. This translates into lost revenue and a diminished ROI.

Two-way audio voice alert is proving to be highly effective in ensuring each and every patron pays for parking. This system allows you to hear and speak to visitors or intruders in real time through the network from remote locations.

Benefits of Surveillance

License plate recognition - cameras today are becoming incredibly sophisticated, and can be programmed to read and store license plates that enter and exit your parking facility.

Remote Monitoring - allows you the ability to check your parking lot security cameras any time of day from anywhere in the world. It also provides the flexibility to speak with those attempting to be delinquent.

Theft Prevention - visible security cameras can deter would be thieves from "smash and grabs", and can assist law enforcement in identifying criminals.

Liability prevention - it's inevitable that accidents will occur in your parking lot. It's also the responsibility of the parking lot owner to provide "reasonable" parking lot and or garage security. Therefore, when there is a car accident, a slip or fall, damage caused by other objects, a robbery, assault or worse, video surveillance is a smart and effective way to avoid costly liability cases.

Improved Image - giving customers a sense of safety and piece of mind is a great way to establish trust and ensure repeat business.

Tracking - video surveillance is wonderful for tracking vehicles from entry to exit, providing a powerful tool for enforcement while deterring crime. And, should an incident occur, network video can provide the clear images required to secure a conviction.

The team at MSGI has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process of developing a security solution that is right for you. No two parking lots or garages are the same, so an assessment of the structure or surroundings is required for us to make the appropriate recommendation.

 If you'd like to improve your ROI, contact MSGI today.