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The DYNATROL 1616 and 4040 Digital Input/Output Module provides interfaces that monitor external contacts and drive external output control devices. It is intended to be used as a hardware extension of the DYNATROL Dynamic Annunciation and Control Software although the modules can be integrated to third party systems through use of the communications protocol and command set information provided under the 1616/4040 Programming Manual.

The DYNATROL 1616 ( 4040 ) Module has an input capacity of 16 ( 40 ) primary and 16 ( 40 ) secondary contact closure monitor points which can be configured for either supervised or non-supervised operation. With End of Line terminating resistors installed, supervised inputs can detect open circuit, short circuit, and short circuit to ground trouble conditions as well as monitor the status of one primary and one secondary contact per circuit.

Each DYNATROL 1616 ( 4040 ) Module also provides 16 ( 40 ) solid state output drivers. Output drivers are provided in current sink type.

The DYNATROL 1616 ( 4040 ) Module are available with either addressable single or redundant RS485 or 10 BaseT Ethernet communications ports.