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DYNATROL is a powerful Windows based security system which simplifies user operation by employing an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), a custom report generator, and dynamic colour maps.

DYNATROL is the most sophisticated security systems integration software available with over sixteen years of proven field installations.

DYNATROL is an enterprise software suite with complete graphics import and edit features. In its simplest form, DYNATROL provides you with control and annunciation capabilities for all of your electronic based building systems and components.

By interfacing DYNATROL with multiple systems such as Card Access, CCTV, Audio Intercom, Paging and Fire Alarm etc., you now have one common command and control station. Furthermore, all of the various systems connected to DYNATROL are now able to communicate with each other via DYNATROL. Meaning a Fire Alarm may command the CCTV system to display certain cameras, increase the DVR record rate and send a message to a roaming guards pager to alert them of the incident. All without the Ops Center Guard lifting a finger.

DYNATROL has many functionalities and is incredibly easy to use. The graphical user interface of DYNATROL effectively displays the versatility of the software by allowing for touch-screen commands of simply and complex functions. These functions include:

  • Releasing a door on a Card Access System

  • Placing a call on a Cell Call System

  • Reviewing previously recorded video from an IP CCTV System

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