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Retail stores can be large, congested and frequented by a lot of people. Recent studies have shown that the likelihood of retail stores being targeted by shoplifters is considerably higher in comparison to smaller boutique shops. This is mainly due to the larger size and packed aisles which provide cover for thieves. A busy store or supermarket increases the pressure on staff to be more diligent with their shopper observation. However, a busier store means busier staff, and the expectations on staff become more unrealistic. Surveillance security cameras are the best preventative measure for reducing shoplifting activities in your retail store. Shoplifters are less likely to attempt to steal if the store has been fitted with strategically placed security cameras.

Some benefits include:
• Monitoring of Staff and employees
• Drastically reduce shoplifting
• Minimize employee theft
• Reduction in insurance premiums
• Safety against delinquents

Surveillance cameras are wonderful for all of the aforementioned purposes, but they can also be a tremendous sales tool from the analytics they provide. Retail Video Analytics is the practice of analyzing live capture video with sophisticated algorithms to identify areas of improvements for a variety of retail operations. By analyzing the captured data of actual in-store performance, retailers gain the ability to monitor and measure, and manage what is impacting the customer experience in their stores.

The metrics captured by Retail Video Analytics are generally used to measure and improve the performance in the areas of People, Merchandising, and Engagement.

MSGI has forged partnerships with the software analytics leaders in the industry. With their leading edge software and our integration expertise, we are the perfect company to develop your retail solution.