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Security Consultation

MSGI is comprised of highly experienced and well diversified individuals, who have been involved in every facet of physical security, specializing in innovative and sophisticated security solutions. We can assess and analyze your requirements to ensure we propose a solution that is custom suited for your needs.

Services include:

  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Security Analysis & Audits
  • Solution Design & Delivery
  • Remote Access Control & Video Monitoring
  • Anti-Terrorism Consulting
  • Property Security Assessments - "CPTED"

Our team of consultants are experienced in various fields of security, law enforcement, corrections, fire safety, and military. With over 80 years of combined experience we can apply knowledge, training, expertise, service and solutions to help organizations achieve their security goals.

The major benefit of working through this process with MSGI, is that we can also provide the system design services in-house. This allows us to interface with any desired systems (current or proposed) using our systems integration software known as DYNATROL. You will never be handcuffed to any company, product or solution when you work with MSGI. We provide a true open architecture platform that will grow with your needs.