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The DYNATROL Programmable I/O Module provides a distributed I/O capability based on dual redundant 100MB Ethernet connection. The 1616/4040 Modules provides 16 or 40 fully supervised inputs and 16 or 40 sinking outputs respectively. Each input is capable of accommodating two related switches thereby increasing the input capability to 32 and 80 points respectively. The 1616 Module is ideal for distributed door control systems where four to eight cells are gathered in a common mechanical chase or equipment area. This reduces system wiring and conduit requirements and in certain cases can provide the most economical overall solution.

The fully supervised inputs provide a feature not available in standard I/O cards and fulfill the standard line supervision requirements typically required for correctional Inmate Cell Call Systems and certain Institutional Door Control Systems. The DYNATROL Programmable I/O Modules provide on board logic capability and function in a similar manner to a PLC, allowing stand alone parallel functionality for low level processes and reducing the processing strain on the head end equipment.