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Temporary Video Surveillance

Temporary video surveillance is often required during construction to ensure your assets are secured. It has also become paramount for site managers and project teams to have the ability to visit their site over the Internet to efficiently manage multiple construction projects concurrently. Wouldn't it be great if upon completion of a project you could seamlessly move your temporary video surveillance solution to a new location? Although this is a tall order for most security video systems, MSGI has a flexible solution that makes this a reality.

The Features and benefits of our solution include:

Freedom from cabling
Most wireless systems claim to be cable-free, but our 4G camera solution truly is. There is no need for a nearby router to be cabled to an Internet service. Instead, the cameras connects to the Internet just like a cell phone.

Freedom from networking hassles
Don't want to deal with networking? No problem. You don't need to interfere with your company's IT network. Just plug-and-play. The built-in 4G modem comes pre-configured to connect with a free cloud portal. It works anywhere within a 4G cellular network.

Freedom from DVR or NVR hardware
Since our cloud cameras store video internally (Edge Storage) instead of using a DVR or NVR, you have complete flexibility. Install as many cameras per system as you want, in as many locations as you require. All cameras can be managed through the same cloud portal.

Freedom from "Jerry-rigged" systems
Our all-in-one, plug-and-play cameras are the most cost-effective and easiest way to implement 4G wireless. Forget about combining cameras, external 4G modems, and housings to improvise a clumsy system. Save time and money with a 4G wireless cloud camera.